Our Enterprise

Mister Kebap® is a Spanish enterprise, founded and run by Germans.

We are running and promoting a successful new concept in the Turkish fastfood business. And we are offering you the possibility to become part of the franchise group; just open your very own restaurant! It's worth it. By participating in our group you'll get connected to all the advantages of this fast-growing enterprise. In addition to that, we will supply you with all the equipment and ingredients you need to run your restaurant.

But even if you are not (yet) interested in opening your own restaurant we can offer you many things. You are always welcome to visit one of our many places and to enjoy our products.

Mister Kebap? my favourite!

You´ll come back; You´ll want more; You´ll get more.

Discover the taste! In our restaurants you can may discover everytime a new variation of our delicious kebaps every time– or stay with your favourite one.

Create your own!What we are selling at Mister Kebap® is more than a simple kebap, because we create every kebap especially to our customers wishes. We give you the opportunity to choose all the ingredients for your very own and personal kebap, offering you a great variety of ingredients.

We want you to have trust in Mister Kebap®. Therefore we put a lot of energy into purchasing only products fulfilling the highest quality standards, even if that means in many cases, that we have to import them from Germany, the Netherlands or Denmark.

We only use meat of the highest quality. In contrast to many other competitors, we only use kebaps made of sliced meat, either veal or chicken. You can see that – and you can taste it. We don't sell kebaps made of minced "cheat-meat".

We also offer you exemplary hygienic standards because we share your passion for cleanliness and tidiness. They are guidelines for our business because we want you to say: Mister Kebap®? My favourite!